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Welcome to our collection of Dutch Clocks
Welcome to our collection of Dutch Zaandam Clocks, or Zaanse Clocks. These  clocks are looked upon as Holland's gift to clock lovers around the world. They are unique in style and design from any other clocks in the clock world. There will be more coming soon, we have sold out of many of our current supply. We hope to have a new supply within a few weeks, let us know if we need to expeditite our shipment.
Dutch Zaandam Clock

Handsome 24" long walnut case with brass

finished accoutrements which enhance the

appearance of the Blue Delft plaque and dial

8-day movement with hour/half hour strike

and solid brass weights

Silvered chapter ring

This world class clock adds charm and beauty

to your favorite room with its unique styl...

Product SKU/Part Number: MT #601-W Dutch Zaandam Clock 
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Zaandam Clock - 8-Day

A traditional old world Dutch clock with Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. Dark mahogany wood finish with an interior pendulum, side windows and brass weights. Note the detail on the white face with contrasting black numerals. This is an 8-day clock and illlustrates an exquisite e...

Product SKU/Part Number: DK 479110144 8 day  
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Zaandam Clock

A natural cherry finish showing the wood grain of this 'old world' clock makes this timepiece a truly elegant addition to your home decor. With its pendulum on the outside, the soft white face with contrasting black numerals, and with its complementing the brass weights,  this clock c...

Product SKU/Part Number: DK 478110118 dutch clock 
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Zaandam Dutch Clock

This 'old world' clock is a slightly smaller version of its mate to the left. With its glowing cherry finish and gleaming brass weights, the white face of the clock contrasts perfectly with the intricate design of the numerals and the detailed figurines atop the clock. The clock stands 23 1/2' or 52...

Product SKU/Part Number: DK 477110004 Dutch clock 
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